The Nail in the Fence Story

the nail in the fence story

The Nail in the Fence is a short story I love because it reminds me each time I read it of the power of our words. And as a parent, I find the Dad in this story so inspiring in the way he conveys this life lesson to his son.
Because nothing says it better than a story, here it is for you to discover or re-discover.

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Why do we breathe through the nose (and not the mouth) in yoga?

breathe through the nose in yoga

Babies naturally breathe through the nose on both inhales and exhales. As adults, we unconsciously breathe through the nose most of the time. Yet when I am teaching my yoga classes,  I see a lot of people breathing through their mouth. And I invite my students to ‘breathe through the nose and not through the mouth’. Now why is that?

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My attempt at sharing a Yoga definition…

definition of Yoga

To start the blog, I thought a definition of its main subject  Y O G A could be a good starting point!
I remember having a vague idea at the beginning of what Yoga was. I used to think it was stretches for old people… Then I came to try it and loved it. Yet, I was still confused between all the different yoga types. In case it’s the same with you, here’s my attempt at giving you a Yoga definition.

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