A certified Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow and GroovyKids™ yoga teacher, Reps UAE registered and fully licensed, I currently teach adults and kids yoga in Dubai. I offer small group classes, kids yoga, in-home private sessions and corporate yoga.

My yoga classes are meant to make you feel more flexible and stronger at the same time. I want you to leave the classes feeling positive, lighter and yet grounded. And I teach you to take what you learn on the mat into your daily life.

I see every class I teach as an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, to face your challenges and overcome them, to find the path towards what really makes you vibrate. I invite you to allow the transformation to operate within you so that you can lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Now, more practically, what should you expect from a group class, private lesson, kids class or corporate yoga class?


Choose the type of class you are most interested in below to learn more about what I offer.

small group yoga classes dubai | Beginner & Intermediate level - A Yoga Journey Private yoga lessons dubai - A Yoga Journey

Corporate Yoga Dubai - A Yoga Journey GroovyKids™ yoga Dubai - A Yoga Journey


Whether you want to strengthen your body, increase your flexibility, challenge yourself, unwind from your daily stress, take a moment for yourself, relax your mind, connect with your inner self (and I could go on for ages!) Yoga is for you.

Yoga is not about getting your leg behind your head, it’s about connecting to yourself. It’s about learning to observe & control your body and mind.
All you need is to show up and be able to breathe (which I assume you do as you are reading these lines ;). You can then let the practice work its magic!

First time you ever practice yoga? First of all, well done for taking this step in your wellness journey! I remember I had a lot of questions before I entered a yoga studio for the first time so I thought I’d share a few ‘First class info‘ to make you feel more at ease.

Still have questions? Get in touch, I will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine what’s best for you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!