First yoga class info

You’re ready to join your first yoga class but don’t know how to get ready for it? The beauty of Yoga lies in the fact that you need nothing more than your breath and an open mind to practice and feel good 🙂

Gemma Correll_Worrier pose_First yoga class


As first time practitioners, we wonder what is the ‘right thing to do’ in our first yoga class. I have been there, I know how it feels 🙂 Well, first of all, there is no right or wrong with Yoga. There is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ student. There is no expectation, no judgement and no competition. I mean it. All that matters is that you spend time with yourself on the mat and feel better when you walk out of the class than when you walked in. As simple as that.

Now, I understand that being prepared before trying something new can enrich the moment. So I thought I would share a few recommendations before your first yoga class so that the experience is even more enjoyable to you.



– Class level: I build the classes based on levels in order to ensure that the level of challenge in the class is right for the group and for each person individually. Please make sure you check the class descriptions before choosing the one that is appropriate to your level.

– Registration: as my groups are small, I highly recommend that you sign up to the class you’d like to attend (at least the first time) so that I can make sure there is a spot for you. It’s also a good way for us to be in touch before the first class.

– Timing: please arrive 10 minutes before the class so that you can peacefully find your way and get set up. Before your very first yoga class with me,  you will need to fill in a registration form at the main reception of the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club. So please make sure you plan some extra time for this.

–  Payment: payment for the class or package has to be made at the main reception of the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club before each class.

– Health condition: for your own safety, if you have any medical condition (recent surgery, chronic pain, injuries…) please check with your doctor first that you are allowed to practice yoga. And please make sure you inform me, prior to the class, of any injuries or health issues you might have so that I can offer appropriate adjustments and modifications for the class to be beneficial to you.



– Clothes: prefer an outfit in which you feel comfortable and that is form fitting – but not too tight – so that you can move without restraint. We normally practice barefoot. If you’d like to wear socks, prefer the ones with a grip. It is also recommended to remove any jewelry/watch which could interfere with the comfort of your practice. 

– Mat: you can bring your own yoga mat with you if you’d like. If you don’t have any, we have mats available at the studio.



– Food: yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Indeed as we bend, twist and fold, we tend to bring pressure onto the abdomen and stomach. A guideline is to eat a big meal at the latest 3 hours before the practice. But the idea is not that you come starving either! So if you’d like to eat something before, do it ideally 2 hours before for a snack and 1 hour before for a fresh fruit or date.

– Electronics: we all come to practice to find peaceful silence within and spend some ‘me’ time. So please make sure you turn off phones, wrist watches, iPads—anything that dings, rings, or buzzes – before coming into the class.


Have other questions? Get in touch, I will be happy to answer them.
Ready to start with your first class? Check out my group classes at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club.

Illustration credit: Gemma Correll